We are a little behind on announcing this, but boy is it a good one.  At the end of 2017 we did our annual Outreach Education Campaign (#educate60) and we were thrilled that so many of you contributed.  With your help we successfully reached and surpassed our goal of helping 60 Kenyan students attend high school in January of 2018 (we actually raised enough to help 64 students).  However, upon our arrival in Kenya we found out that their government had provided a public school subsidy to help reduce the cost of tuition for high school students across the country. This meant the money we raised would help even more students than we originally anticipated!  

Each year our scholarship covers about 50% of the costs of each student that we support. The reason for this is two-fold: 1) It allows us to increase the number of students we can assist and 2) it also allows the students’ families to still be very much involved and invested in their education. We will occasionally pay the entirety of some students’ fees but that is only in the most desperate of situations.  This year we stuck with this same model and after the subsidy took effect we were able to provide scholarships for 74 students (46 girls and 28 boys)! How awesome is that?! We were also able to assist 11 other children from a neighboring school with assistance too. We arrived thinking we would only be able to help 64 kids but ended up being able to help 85!

Most of the students who we helped in the previous year were provided scholarships again this year.  The only exceptions were 8 girls who graduated at the end of last year. Those of you who assisted in years past helped those amazing young women to complete their high school education, so may I extend a big THANK YOU on their behalf.

I feel so much gratitude towards each and every person who has contributed this campaign! 85 students are learning at this very moment because of your thoughtfulness and generosity. You have given them an essential opportunity to attend high school and improve their circumstance in this life and we wholeheartedly thank you.