Community Outreach Programs

We know that an important part of improving the quality of life for our children at our JCO Children's Home is doing what we can to improve the community of Sirembe that they live in. So we have worked to help the local schools and other students to improve education and access to it. We have helped with school fees and infrastructure and provide maxi-pads for girl students. We partnered with the local clinic to build a Maternity Ward and we have a Daycare Center for local children to get pre-primary education. It is important to note that we have not done anything that the community itself did not ask us to do (including our JCO Children's Home). We listen, collaborate and work with the local community to make it better because we know that the people of Sirembe are the ones that know what they need, not us. This is why "Intensive Cross-Cultural Collaboration" is one of our Core Values. We depend on and are so proud of our Kenyan Team and the Community Leaders that work with us to make change.


Secondary School Scholarship Program

We pay partial and full scholarships for children in need that want to attend secondary school. Our Restore Humanity Team works with community leaders and the School Administration to identify the children in most need of our assistance. The number of children we sponsor each year is decided by the funds raised during that campaign. 


Support Other Women Period. (Maxi-Pad Program)

We provide Afripads reusable maxi-pads to all of the almost 500 girl students that attend Sirembe Secondary School. Each girl receives a packet of 4 washable pads that last for an entire year. Afripads are made in Uganda, thus providing 170 people jobs and since they are reusable they are much better for the environment. They are also comfortable and easy to use. If you want to learn more about why this program is needed click here.


Daycare Center (ECD)

Our Early Childhood Development (ECD) Center provides local children with much needed pre-primary education and a mid-morning meal each weekday morning. It also provides their mothers with much needed childcare.


Maternity Ward

In 2015 we partnered with local clinic (Sirembe Dispensary) to help build a Maternity Ward. Hundreds of healthy babies have been born to healthy mothers since the doors opened. An average of 10 mothers deliver there each month, with even more coming for pre-natal care. It is a government clinic, but we will provide supplimental supplies and equipment when funds are available. 


Assisting Local Schools

Over the years we have assisted both the Sirembe Secondary and Primary Schools in infrastructure building. We have cemented floors, built a laboratory and classrooms and with the help of high school students in the US we assisted in the building of two Girls Dormitories. We will continue to help both schools if the need arises and the funding is available.