Our Programs

Most of Restore Humanity’s work is presently being done in Western Kenya in a rural village called Sirembe.  Our principal project there is a Charitable Children’s Institution called the James Christopher Opot (JCO) Children’s Home.  At any given time it is home to about 20 children who remain in our charge until the completion of their secondary school education. All of our other core programs were either developed as an extension of, or inspired by, this central project.


JCO Children's Home

The JCO was founded on an appreciation for the difference between mere survival and the heights of human flourishing.  Consequently, it operates with a strategic emphasis on providing exceptional holistic care for a few rather than providing a marginal—but not insignificant amount of help to a great many. We currently have 19 boys and girls living in our home. 


RH Scholars Program & JCO Graduate Program

The JCO Children’s Home remains our principal project and once our children there complete their secondary school education they leave the JCO and enter adulthood seeking to find their way in the world.  Some of them will then join our JCO Graduate Program, in which we help them to pursue a marketable skill through a vocational program or technical school.  Others of our children who demonstrate high academic achievement and would benefit from more advanced intellectual training will enter our Restore Humanity (RH) Scholars Program, in which we pay for them to attend a four year university.  



Community Outreach Program

Our Community Outreach in Sirembe involves a variety of separate projects. We fund secondary school partial and full scholarships every year for students in need. We provide reusable Maxi-Pads for all of the girls attending Sirembe Secondary School. We have a Early Childhood Development (ECD) Center wherein 30+ students get pre-primary education. We have helped the local primary and secondary schools with infrastructure building and we helped the local clinic build a maternity ward.