Restore Humanity in 2015

It has been a really great year here at Restore Humanity and we have all of you generous donors to thank for that! As we finish out the year we would like to send you a quick summary of what we (that includes you) have accomplished! 

JCO Children's Center:
The picture above was taken of our group of amazing little humans this summer. Those smiles are the gas in the tank for us. It is such a joy to do right by those sweet kiddos. They deserve a full and happy life and we strive each day to give that to them. 
All 17 of them are happy and healthy. They are all progressing in school. As with any child there are ups and downs, but overall each one of them is doing great. Thank you for your help in caring for these awesome kiddos. 

Maternity Ward:
As most of you know we helped the local clinic in Sirembe (the Sirembe Dispensary) get a Maternity Ward built, thanks to some amazing donors! This was such a worthwhile project and we are so happy to have completed it! The first baby was born on March 26th, 2015, his name is Titus Omondi and he is pictured below. On behalf of Titus, his mother, and the countless others that will benefit from this for years to come, we thank you.


Titus at 3 months old. What a cutie!

Titus at 3 months old. What a cutie!

RH Scholars Program:

Moses Vincent Agare, our first Scholar has really matured and made some great progress this year! His final semester at NWACC this fall he got three A’s and one B. It is worth mentioning that his B was an 89.4%. Needless to say we were very proud! In the photo below he is addressing Restore Humanity Supporters at our Wine Dinner at Bordinos.

Jerrym Molla, was one of the first kids that moved into our Children’s Home in 2010 and he is now our second RH Scholar. He is attending a University in Nairobi, studying International Business and he is thriving. His cumulative G.P.A. is 3.4. We are very proud. Thank you to everyone that supported this wonderful program this year!

Outreach Program:

This is our all-encompassing program to provide assistance for other children in need in the Sirembe community. We do this in a variety of ways:

1-We pay school fees for children in need of assistance. In 2015 we helped 13 children (not living in our home) with school fees, that included both Primary and Secondary school assistance. For 2016 we have stepped up our game and have already raised the funds to send 22 Secondary School girls to school and we will continue to add to that as the year continues!

2-We have a monthly Maxi-Pad program that benefits around 200 girls each month. 

3-This year students at Fayetteville High School raised $3,400 to help Sirembe Secondary School build a much needed girl's dormitory. This was enough to lay the entire foundation for the building and they just keep on going! Helping their peers across the globe! Great job FHS!

4-We have a Daycare Center that sits in the same compound as our Children's Home. "Teacher Monica" had around 25 little bitty students from the surrounding area this year and they are all doing quite well. Our two youngest children at JCO Children's Home, Clinton and Austin, attend there as well. Here are some photos taken this summer.

Thank you for all of your support and there is still time to donate to receive tax-deduction for 2015. Help us continue all of these worthy projects and donate today! Every lit bit counts!

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Have A Happy & Healthy 2016!


With Love & Gratitude,

The Restore Humanity Global Team