Education saves lives, the facts are over-whelming. By ensuring education, for girls in particular, you can completely change communities. Education is crucial for the survival of individual children and their entire communities. Educated girls lead to healthier families, in turn healthier communities. For instance, in sub-Saharan Africa if a girl is educated, more often than not, she will:

  • Delay sexual activity & have fewer partners: (girls with at least 8 years of school are 87% less likely to engage in sexual activity before they are 18 than girls with no schooling.
  • Delay marriage & childbirth
  • Have fewer babies and healthier babies (Children with educated mothers are half as likely to suffer from malnutrition as those with uneducated mothers)
  • Help to break the cycle of poverty by becoming a provider and a decision maker in her home. (Education provides families with more economic options)

Education gives her the one thing that her uneducated counterparts lack, options.There is also a significant increase in the likelihood of this educated woman ensuring that her children are also educated, thus passing the benefits to the next generation.

The life-saving power of education is not limited to girls. According to recent studies: "If every child (globally) received a complete primary education, at least 7 million new cases of HIV could be prevented in a decade."

That is astounding! By providing education to the children of the world we can SAVE LIVES!

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