“In the space of love, all things are possible” Baron Baptiste

As I begin yet another journey to Kenya I feel a calm, deep, and resonating sense of gratitude. I feel so grateful to be a part of this work we are doing and to see the fulfillment of people’s dreams, including my own. Over the last six months some incredible things have happened; we moved in our newest kiddo Shadrach, two of our children successfully passed the Kenya National Exam and have begun high school, and all of our children have progressed in some way or another.

However, I must make mention of a recent development that has been a long time in the making and is extremely fulfilling for everyone that has been on this journey with us—especially for Moses Vincent Agare. He was the first student that Restore Humanity ever assisted in Kenya, we began paying for his school fees in 2008 so that he could attend Secondary School (high school) and in December 2012 he graduated in very good standing.

On our way to the airport with Vincent's father

I first met Vincent in 2007 when he approached me to ask for money for a protractor—the equivalent of $.50—and we have been friends ever since. Soon after we met, when Vincent was only 14 years old he told me of his dreams to attend a University in the US and become an engineer. In fact he was ready to come right then. I tried to explain the difficulty of the logistics alone, but at the same time I told him to focus on his studies, work hard and anything is possible.

In the subsequent years that followed I would spend time with Vincent every time that I was in Kenya. He continued to work hard and hold onto to that dream. I got to see him mature and become an incredible young man. I kept telling him that if he keeps working hard, then I would do the same on my end. He followed through on his part of the deal and I am so thankful I was able to follow through on mine!

This week he is beginning his summer preparatory work at the Spring International Language Center, through the University of Arkansas. Last week, Boo Buchanan flew over with me to pick him up in Kenya. Boo escorted him safely and soundly to Arkansas, so that I could stay and tend to our kiddos here. My parents picked them up at the airport and they have all been taking care of him ever since. He is settling in quite nicely. Next week he will go live with his wonderful host family Tom and Debi Smith—some incredible long-term supporters of Restore Humanity that generously and enthusiastically offered to provide a home for our sweet Vincent. He is surrounded by love and I am so thankful to all of them for taking care of him.

Photo by Cole Fennel Photography

So many people were involved in making this dream come true, of course Vincent, his father and stepmother, Mr. Owour (his High School Principal) and his teachers, Mrs. Opot and Patrick (our Kenyan Restore Humanity Team), and all of our Restore Humanity supporters in Arkansas that helped to pay his High School Fees. I am so thankful to our Creator, the Almighty Yahweh for setting these things into motion and connecting all of these wonderful people. It is truly a blessing for all of us.

It is a wonderful story—Vincent had faith and he followed that with action. In this moment my faith is stronger than ever, seeing that truly “In the space of love all things are possible.”  It is one thing to have faith and hope, and quite another to see those hopes become reality. I am so thankful to have witnessed these amazing things coming to fruition.

Vincent has inspired us all. His success has brought immense joy and hope to two communities across the globe.  People here in Kenya are full of joy and so proud of Vincent. People in Arkansas feel the same and many have yet to meet him.  What is most exciting to me however is to see how the children here are reacting—Vincent’s story has already created hope for so many kids. Although it is a vital component of realizing big dreams, hope is pretty hard to come by in an impoverished community. These bright young minds have now been inspired to reach higher and dream bigger—and that is precisely what is needed to change this community and change the world.