We are getting really excited! Restore Humanity is one of the benefitting charities for NWA Fashion Week for the third year in a row! We are honored and we are very grateful.

We think it is an awesome concept. We live in a giving community with so many great charities and many people looking for ways to support what is important to them. We also have a thriving and innovative small business community, especially our boutiques and designers--we think it is really cool way to involve people all over the community and provides a way for all of us to work together for some common good. It is a unique event that takes a lot of man power and time-- most small non-profits, like us, are lacking in both. So the support is very welcome. We always have a lot of fun too!

It is coming up--March 3rd-8th! The schedule of events is listed below. Thursday-Saturday are the runway shows (Thursday's show is at 21C Hotel) and if you buy a ticket to any of these nights you can choose Restore Humanity as your charity and all the proceeds go right back to us! We thank you for your support and hope to see you at the show! Get your tickets here! 


Take a moment to watch our video that was created by the Truebadors for the NWA FW event! They did such an awesome job in capturing who we are--we love it!