It has been an incredible year for Restore Humanity and we want to thank each and every person that contributed their money, time, and energy to help us continue our work and expand. We are extremely grateful and wish you all the best as 2013 comes to a close and your new year begins. 

Here is a brief look at what your support has done this year and some of our goals for 2014! 



  • The JCO Children's Center
    • January--We moved in Shadrach to our JCO Children's Center (now 17 kids at present at our orphanage in Kenya)
    • Our 17 children that live at our Orphanage are all progressing in school and making major strides in their physical and emotional health. We are blessed with a wonderful group of children and look forward to the adults that they will become.
  • We further expanded our Outreach Program:
    • We built a building for our Daycare program. The government required a separate building for our daycare program and we complied. There are 30-40 children that will attend from the surrounding area. This preschool will provide much needed assistance in early childhood development. This is a safe place, provided free of charge for mothers to have their young ones cared for while being prepared for primary school. Our trained Early Childhood Development Teacher Monica will open the doors in January 2014.
    • We now support 30 children with school fees/books/uniforms attending both Primary and Secondary school.
    • We built a new home for a woman (who is disabled from Polio) and her 4 children that live with her. All 5 of them were previously living in a 15x15ft mud house with a leaky thatched roof.  We were able to build a sturdy, plastered house twice that size with an iron roof. The joy on their faces and the continued progress that each of her children has made since then was worth every penny.
    • We expanded our Maxi Pad Program to reach two additional Secondary Schools in the area!
  • We began our Restore Humanity Scholars Program and brought our first student from Kenya to attend the University of Arkansas—Moses Vincent Agare. He was the first student in our Outreach Program in Kenya and is now our first Restore Humanity Scholar. He is currently doing preparatory English study through the University of Arkansas at the Spring International Language Center.
  • Restore Humanity Clinic-- We laid the groundwork for building a clinic in Sirembe, Kenya.
    • We have secured the land in the center of the village
    • We have renovation and construction plans that were created by a Kenyan Public Health Officer.
    • We have a projected annual Clinic budget.
    • We have built a fantastic Global Medical Team, in both Kenya and the US. Our Medical Advisory Committee here will be led by our Chairman, Dr. Scott Bailey.This committee will be made up of medical professionals (Dr. Mark Olsen and Dr. Allyson Mertins at present) and Restore Humanity Board Members. This Committee serves to advise our Governance Board on all things medical.


GOALS for 2014


  • JCO Children’s Center (our Kenyan Orphanage)- Continue to care for our 17 children living there.
  • Outreach Program in Sirembe, Kenya
    • Pay the school fees for the 30 children that we now support and add more if we can.
    • Provide free quality daycare for up to 40 local children.
    • Continue our Maxi-Pad Program for the young women attending school.
    • Find other ways to help the local schools and empower the youth.
  • Restore Humanity Scholars Program
    • Continue to support our first Scholar Moses Vincent Agare in his studies here in Arkansas.
    • Assist our eldest from the JCO Children’s Center, Jerim, to begin his studies at a University in Kenya.  He graduated from Sirembe Secondary School in December 2013.
  • Raise the capital we need to begin Construction on our Clinic in Sirembe, Kenya. 


Thank you all for your support! We wish you all the best as your year comes to a close and as we start anew in 2014.


Please check out our new website done by our friends at Strut! They did an awesome job!


Infinite love and gratitude,

The Restore Humanity Team