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Our Restore Humanity Medical Committee made up of local doctors (from NWA) and our Board Members came together to try and assist the Kenyan community of Sirembe with some of their most pressing healthcare needs. We found an awesome opportunity to partner with the local dispensary and help them raise the funds needed to build a much needed Maternity Ward for the area. We are half-way there in construction and once completed they will be able to immediately start serving local mothers!

Proper pre-natal, delivery, and post-natal care are essential for the mamas and the babies! The health of the community begins in the womb and families need the mothers to be healthy to care for them all! A recent article in "Business Daily" concerning Kenya's current health issues surrounding both mothers and children:

In Kenya, "72,000 children below the age of one year died in 2012 while another 40,000 did not survive their first month of birth. 

Ministry of Health records show that 7.6 million children under the age of five died in 2010 from diseases that could have been prevented.

It is estimated that half of the deaths that occur within a month of a child’s life occur on the first day of their lives mainly due to lack of access to proper health services for mothers during delivery."

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We are already half-way there and we just need $20,500 to finish construction! Let's all join in and make it happen! Do what you can and join our Construction Crew! So much can be done with a little help from a lot of people!


Join our "Construction Crew" Here are some options"


Donate $25-- You are a "Brick Layer"

Donate $50--You are a "Carpenter" 

Donate $100--You are a "Steel Worker"

Donate $500-- You are a "Roof Master"

Donate $1000-- You are a "Foundational Giver"

Donate $5000-- You are a "Structural Sustainer"


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Restore Humanity Medical Committee

 Chairman: Dr. Scott Bailey

 Doctors: Dr. Mark Olsen, Dr. Allyson Mertins

 Board Members: Roger Boskus, Herbert Buchanan, Devin Cole,

 Jean Ann Fennel, Joe Fennel, Sarah Fennel, Michelle Fyfe,

 Brandon Hurlbut, Tim McFarland, and Miriam Smith

The future pre-delivery ward for our mamas!

The future pre-delivery ward for our mamas!

This is how far we have come! Help us finish the building!

This is how far we have come! Help us finish the building!

We are taking it one step at a time...

Step One: Finish Construction of Maternity Ward

Phases of Maternity Ward Construction Remaining:

Phase 1: Frames & Plastering 

Phase 2: Electrical 

Phase 3: Plumbing & Draining

Phase 4: Tiling

Phase 5: Painting & Glazing

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*Make sure to specify "Maternity Ward" when checking out

Step Two: Furnish Maternity Ward