Dear NWA Community,


On October 3rd we had our biggest annual event, Winetopia and it was incredible! The NWA community came out in full support of the work we are doing and we could not be more grateful! We raised $59,000 to support our work in Kenya! It doesn't get much better than this sweet little spot in the Ozarks and I had to just take a moment to go through our beautiful night and thank some of the people and businesses that made it all happen...

It was the first crisp night this fall and the Pratt Place Barn looked gorgeous as always, we are so thankful that we get to use this incredible space! Bartus Taylor from Buzz Events created a absolutely spectacular lounge that made you feel as if you were stepping into another world--candles, couches, trees, gorgeous lighting, and real sheep skin on the couches so our guests would be cozy. We are in awe of him yet again and so thankful for the amazing contribution.

Glazers Distributing outdid themselves again! They provide 9 tables of wine, and one high-end beer table and provide the knowledgable staff to man all of the tables! We would not have this event without them and we are so grateful for the years of support! They are spectacular! 

The food was the best of our NWA community! We had our Winetopia regulars (5 years running)-- Bordinos and Cafe Rue Orleans. We also had Arsagas, Mia Tarts, Fayetteville Pastry Shop, Berry Natural, and Old World Imports. It was the best of the best and we are so thankful to each and everyone of them for keeping our tastebuds and our tummies happy! Nature's Water provided us with fruit infused filtered water for the second year in a row!

On the entertainment side of things we have DJ Shortfuze who always provides perfect soundtrack to our evening. Sherry and Ira Schwartzman were kind enough to bring their Making Memories photo booth again this year! It is a wonderful treat for our guests! There nothing like a lot of wine and a photo booth with accessories to make for some epic images.  My dad, Joe Fennel, aka "The Carny in the Corner" runs the Wine Toss that is always the biggest hit of the night!

There were so many people and businesses involved in the making and success of this event, I have done my best to name them all below. Before I begin I would like to give a special acknowledgement to our AMAZING Winetopia "Core Crew"! We have incredible volunteers every year and I will list them all below, but our "Core Crew" is a group of some of my favorite people on the planet that have been volunteering with us for years and spend quite a lot of time and energy outside of the event with me planning, giving feedback, adjusting, and figuring out the best ways to run the event. These people are the reason our event gets better every year and I am beyond grateful to them. The Winetopia Core Crew consists of: Our Auction Chair--Chris Beavers, Volunteer Coordinator--Meredith McKee, Boo Buchanan, Lana Lyon, Tanj Donovan, and Ellie Jones. THANK YOU ALL!! A big thank you to all of the official and unofficial volunteers that made it all possible!

I also want to thank Cole and Mary Fennel with Cole Fennel Photography for taking gorgeous photos again this year! Some of them are throughout this post, but you can see the full gallery here: Winetopia 2014 Photos--Cole Fennel Photography

Here is the lists of all of our Sponsors, Silent Auction Donors, Volunteers, and Honorary Hosts! Thank you all for making Winetopia 2014 a success:


Winetopia Sponsors

Glazers Distributors

BKD, CPA's & Advisors


Blakeman's Fine Jewelry

Pratt Place Inn

Buzz Events & Planning

Intents Party Rentals

Making Memories Photobooth

Nature's Water

Citiscapes Magazine

3W Magazine


Restaurant Sponsors


Cafe Rue Orleans


Berry Natural

Fayetteville Pastry Shop

Mia Tarts

Old World Imports


Our Silent Auction Donors

All Sports Productions

Arkansas State Beauty Supply

Best Sports & Our Hogs


 Britney and Brandon Hurlbut

Chamber of Commerce

Chancellor Hotel

Chef Thomas from Tyson

Clubhaus Fitness

Cole Fennel Photography

Coach Chris Bucknam

Coach Mike Anderson

County Line Liquors

Dark Star Visuals

Doe's Eat Place

Dog Party

 Dr. Brian Buell

Dr. Jason Landers/PDAO

Dr. Rebecca Lucke

Elevate--CEO Forums

Farmer's Table

Fayetteville Country Club


 Good Things

 Grey Dog Vintage Boutique



 Jennifer Lewis

Joe and Jean Ann Fennel


 Kathy Thompson

Linley Dust

 Liz Rusher

 Lola Boutique

Lori Vincent

 Massage Matters

Matt Miller


 Mertins Eye Clinic

 Mia Tarts and More


Nature's Water



Pack Rat Outdoor Center

Pesto Café

 Powerhouse Seafood

Rhonda Crone & Maliah Pinkleton

Robin Devine

Roger Boskus

Romance Diamonds

Slim Chickens

Southern Trends


 The Bike Route

The Independent

The Rainbow Lodge

Trailside Yoga

Walker Bros

 Walton Arts Center

Watson Custom Made

Westwood Gardens

Yoga Deza


2014 Honorary Hosts

Steve & Brittany Adair

Dr. Scott & Leslie Bailey

Jeremy & Chris Beavers

Ben & Molly Blakeman

Martell Brown

Leigh & Candra Davis

Abdi Dubed

Chris Goddard & Bartus Taylor

Greg & Hannah Lee

Dr. Allyson & William Mertins

Steve & Natalie McBee

Neal & Gina Pendergraft

Jeff & Eileen Schomburger

Tom & Debi Smith



Volunteer Crew

Chris Beavers

Meredith McKee

Boo Buchanan

Lana Lyon

Tanj Donovan

Ellie Jones

Rebecca Black

Brooke McDonald

Warren Fyfe

Alannah Massey

Elizabeth Gibbons

Adrienne Seeger

Kristi Batchelor

Anne Michelle Hopwood

Laura Jones

Garret Gunderson

Alexandra Buell

Charlie Hoeven

Seth McCutcheon

Chase Hayes

Chris Arcana

Curtis Willis

Shelia Cole

Devin Cole

Spencer Sabo

Cameron Baker

Bartus Taylor & The entire Buzz Events Crew

Michael Adkins

Kimberly Clinehens

Kristin Wolfe

Stephen Black




With immense love & gratitude,

Sarah Fennel