What a wonderful summer it has been, especially for our RH Scholars! These bright young minds have spent the summer learning valuable skills and having their worlds expanded. We thought it important to update you all a little on their journeys.

As many of you know we started our RH Scholar Program in 2013 with our first student Moses Vincent Agare. The following year we added our 2nd scholar Jerrym Molla Gilbert who was the eldest from our Children’s Home in Kenya. And this summer we were so happy to welcome our 3rd Scholar to the fold, Juma Fredrick Ogongo. To learn more about what our RH Scholars Program is click here.

We will begin with Moses, who was given an incredible opportunity this summer. He is studying Civil Engineering at the University of Arkansas and was granted an internship with Nabholz Construction Company this summer. He was able to put  to work so much of what he has already learned in school and he loves it! He spent most of his time at the new Children’s Hospital site where he was part of the team that ensures the safety of the building materials and the workers. He also worked many nights and very early mornings supervising the concrete pouring of the new Parking Deck at XNA airport. He comes home each day excited to tell us all what he learned on the job and we couldn’t be prouder of him. We are so thankful to Nabholz for this wonderful opportunity!


Our 2nd Scholar, Jerrym, who studies at USIU in Nairobi, Kenya has had a busy summer as well. He is studying International Business and just completed his summer term. Jerrym is a bright as they come and has maintained no less that a 3.2 GPA since he began his studies in 2014. This summer he took Investments, International Managerial Finance, and Chinese! What a schedule! I was so impressed to hear that he decided to take Chinese! For a business student in Kenya (or anywhere else) it is an extremely valuable skill to have. Jerrym is not afraid of a challenge and he approaches his studies with so much enthusiasm. It is a beautiful thing to witness.

Juma, our newest scholar, arrived here in the US on June 1st and has been living with my husband and I  (and Moses) since his arrival. He is here to study Mechanical Engineering. He has lived in our Children’s Home in Kenya since 2012 and we are so happy to have him here. Juma is acclimating to the US remarkably well.  His curious nature is the main reason for that. He began his studies here at the Spring International Language Center (SILC) at the UofA in June and just finished his first term. SILC not only provides Intensive English Training and vital university preparatory work, they also provide such a welcoming and warm environment for international students. It is a wonderful place with students from dozens of countries attending.

We have had a wonderful summer with our two Kenyan boys here with us. They took swimming lessons at Wilson Park Pool. We introduced them to the beauty of the Ozarks and spent a weekend on the White River fishing with my dad.  My wonderful husband Boo has also gained a new title as Restore Humanity’s “Head of Transportation” since he has been carting these two around everywhere. That includes dropping Moses off many times at the airport in the middle of the night for the concrete pouring. We have had a wonderful summer and we hope that has been true for each and every one of you. Thank you for your support of Restore Humanity and for helping these three wonderful humans get the education they need to realize their dreams and make this world a better place.

With Gratitude,

The Restore Humanity Global Team

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